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You may or may not agree with my thoughts here and that is fine. My intent is to images (7)propose a theory in that more than any other reason it is the removal of God in our society that has lead us to where we are today.

I want to look at a few different aspects of our society in the following paragraphs. As you know, any armed society will have shootings. It is a simple fact. Although if you look at other countries like Canada, shootings are extremely rare, they do not attack one another. The Swiss, millions of them, are armed to the teeth. Their weapon of choice is fully automatic weapons and in the homes. The same goes for quite a few other European countries.

So, why is it that we here in America seem to have an issue? Well, let us look back in our recent history. Let us look at God or religion in general and its acceptance or lack of the last few decades.

Let’s look at the Laws that we pass:

Unbridled immoral leaders advance immoral laws and defeat moral ones. Consider the following example state and federal laws and/or bills. As you review these, ask, “Could these laws be passed or defeated with Godly or moral leaders in office?”

  • Oregon approved legalized physician-assisted suicide in 1994 and reaffirmed the law in 1997, making Oregon the first government in the world to make the practice legal.
  • California law AB1785, requires pro-homosexual tolerance education at all public schools and all grade levels, including Kindergarten. AB1931 provides taxpayer funded grants to take children on field trips to teach them diversity and tolerance of homosexuality.
  • Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act – an “unsuccessful” federal bill to prohibit the performance of “partial-birth,” “dilation and extraction” (D&X) or “intact dilation and evacuation” (intact D&E) late-term abortion procedures, which entail (1) delivery of the torso, (2) piercing the undelivered skull, (3) collapsing the skull via suction curate, and then (4) completing delivery. This bill was vetoed and the override failed in the U. S. Senate.

Activist Court Decisions:

The United States Supreme Court is charged with interpreting and defending the most fundamental of our nation’s laws, the U. S. Constitution. As such, inappropriate judicial action by this body adversely influences the very essence and character of America.

For example, in 1962, the Supreme Court decided, without sighting any precedence, that the term “church” in “separation of church and state” would now mean the “exercise of any religious activity in public.” This meant that the term “separation of church and state” no longer simply involved a ban on Congress from imposing a national religion but more broadly involved a prohibition against America’s citizens practicing religious activities in public.

This new interpretation paved the way for other judicial actions directed at removing all forms of religion from every conceivable aspect of public life. Has America’s most fundamental founding truth been crushed into obscurity?  That this nation was founded to assure its citizens “Freedom of Religion” NOT “Freedom from Religion!”

So what affect has these decisions, along with numerous others resulted in?

  • Removal of student prayer: “Prayer in its public school system breaches the constitutional wall of separation between Church and State.” Engel v. Vitale, 1962
  • Removal of Bible readings: “[N]o state law or school board may require that passages from the Bible be read or that the Lord’s Prayer be recited in public schools or a State at the beginning of each school day.” The court went on to say, “[I]f portions of the New Testament were read without explanation, they could be and …had been psychologically harmful to the [student]. Abington v. Schempp, 1963
  • Removal of the Ten Commandments from view: “If the posted copies of the Ten Commandments are to have any effects at all, it will be to induce the schoolchildren to read, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey, the Commandments…this…is not a permissible state objective under the Establishment Clause.” Stone v. Graham, 1980
  • Removal of benedictions and invocations from school activities: “Religious invocation…in high school commencement exercise conveyed message that district had given its endorsement to prayer and religion, so that school district was properly [prohibited] from including invocation in commencement exercise.” Graham v. Central, 1985; Kay v. Douglas, 1986; Jager v. Douglas, 1989; Lee v. Weisman, 1992

What of lower court rulings?

  • Freedom of speech and press is guaranteed to students unless the topic is religious, at which time such speech becomes unconstitutional. Stein v. Oshinsky, 1965; Collins v. Chandler Unified School District, 1981
  • If a student prays over his lunch, it is unconstitutional for him to pray aloud. Reed v. Van Hoven, 1965
  • It is unconstitutional for a Board of Education to use or refer to the word “God” in any of its official writings. Ohio v. Whisner, 1976
  • In Alaska public schools, students were told they could not use the word “Christmas” in school because it had the word “Christ” in it, nor could they have the word in their notebooks, nor exchange Christmas cards or presents, nor display anything with the word “Christmas” on it.” William J. Murray, “America Without God,” The New American, June 20, 1988, p.19
  • Public schools were barred from showing a film about the settlement of Jamestown because the film depicted the erection of a cross at the settlement, despite the historical fact that a cross was erected at the Jamestown settlement. John Eidsmoe, “Christianity and the Constitution” (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1987), p. 406

America is incrementally and systematically Rejecting God. As a result, our nation is experiencing unparalleled moral decay. National immorality flourishes when the hearts of a nation’s citizens reject God and His principles. Simply stated, “Spiritual decline leads to moral decay!”

Okay now let us get back to weapons.

What is it about us as Americans that leads us to end up with armed (legal or otherwise) citizens shooting each other? Why can nations like Switzerland and Canada have minimal laws restricting gun ownership and not kill one another?

I can say that this is proof that gun laws DO NOT WORK! Gun laws apparently make the problem worse! To prove it let us look at Mexico who has extremely strict gun laws in which most all private ownership is outlawed. Here you have a country that almost all citizens are without arms. What is happening there? Mexicans are dying in record numbers daily.

What has happened you continue to take the rights of individual law-abiding citizens away in the ability to defend them while you still have the criminals that continue to be so and continue to acquire weapons now running free with the knowledge that most likely they will never be challenged in committing acts of evil?


Gun laws have not worked to keep guns out of the hands of criminals – whether in America or Mexico.

A very good percentage of deaths by guns in America are by those who are legally in possession of guns. To play devil’s advocate, gun laws would then, you would think, limit shootings, at the least the mass shootings. Then in crimes of passion would be committed with knifes, bats, baggies and fists. Those all too common headline grabbing mass murders, though, would be limited. So, what gun laws that would most likely affect everyone would do is reduce the number of legally owned guns that are used in mass shootings. Fair statement?

What would then happen is that we would then see the increase of bombings and terroristic like events and by guess whom? Yes, by those still morally inept and evil criminals that is shooting others today. Nothing changes but the method of horror.

I can hear you now! No, you gun haters say, it would restrict the number of guns, which in turn would reduce the number of shootings, like from stolen guns. Therefore, the gun laws that would affect all gun owners would do is reduce mass shootings by those who legally owned the guns and those who stole legally owned guns. Now are we in agreement?

With all of this no matter what we do nothing will change until we realize that at the core of our nation is the lack of morality, the lack of God.

Even if that’s true, and I’ll concede it’s logical (I don’t know that logic will necessarily equal true, but let’s say it does), it doesn’t fix the problem of the illegal gun shootings.

First, I think we have to address what we want. Because if we do that, we’re going to see that we are trying to eliminate a very few events (however awful) by affecting a huge number of people. The many will suffer for the few. Heh, sounds like America.

What we want is the mass shootings to stop – right? Gun control people just said, no, we want all shootings to stop. OK, how? How do we do that? Mexico outlaws almost all gun ownership and I think very few would think that’s what is going to happen here, no matter how much they want that. So we aren’t going to eliminate all shootings.

The real problem is being obscured and for good reasons. If you were our leaders, how would you frame the real problem? If you came out and said, ‘look, we have weapons in our country and we shoot each other. A lot! Canada has weapons, Sweden has weapons and neither country shoot each other much. Mexico has outlawed weapons and we all know what happens there. So maybe it’s not a gun problem but a people problem. What’s wrong with our people?

Because that’s the real question. And the answer is the real problem.

Bring God and morality back. Teach our children right from wrong. Quit coddling the individuals in prison and allow punishment to be that, punishment. Spank our children when needed and alow corporal punishment back into our schools along with God and the bible. All of which our nation was founded upon.

God, morality and the bible are our foundation. What happens when you weaken a foundation of a home? If falls! The same applies to a nation and this is our problem. Nothing more and nothing less!