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“How do I stop my negative thoughts?” – This one question I get asked so often after I write about life being up to us.

If you think about it the answer is really a simple answer. While I was on a business trip recently I finally figured out how to put it into words. So, how do you stop negative thought, whatever they are? Well, you plant GOOD thoughts!

imagesCAONZVTJTrying to “stop” negative thoughts and feelings you are actually focusing on them more and more while giving them energy and strength. The more you give them the stronger they become and the more of them come to you.

The “truth” is simple albeit difficult and takes practice. We must plant good thoughts! We must always make the effort to plant them, focus on them and give those thoughts the strength and the power they deserve. We must always appreciate what we have no matter how little or limited it may be because it is ours and no one else’s. We must appreciate our health, whatever the stage of it, our car, no matter the year our how it looks, our family even if many have passed, our job and our friends. We must appreciate our very surroundings, the people within them, the events in them and above all the magnificent beauty of it all each day!

Each time we think or say “thank you” it is a good thought. The more we fill the space in our heart, mind and soul with thanks we push the negative out and we will begin to notice bit by bit the positive within each of our lives and that over time the lack of negative thought.

Give it a try. I am not saying that they will all go away but you will have many more good than bad and many more good days then bad as well.

See how your own tomorrows become transformed and how the tomorrows and the relationships of those around you will be transformed as well.

You have to plant a seed and continually water it for it to sprout and to grow into what you intend it to be. The same goes for our thoughts and our lives.

With that I say to you each, God bless you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be. It so indeed feels good to be home with my Gwen and my kids. I am where I should be.