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Today and each day, if you find yourself in a negative situation with something in your life, take a few minutes each day to feel peace and to see the positive in it. All it takes is a second or two and over the day, this negative situation will not be so negative.

images (16)Just doing this one thing helps to remove any resentment, anger, or negativity towards the situation.

Remember that feeling resentment, anger, or any negative emotion gives it strength, life and control. Focusing on the positive draws positive back to you. What you are feeling for or about, you are bringing to you.

I actually use an APP on my phone that rings “Meditation Bowls” every half hour or so. It dings for just a few seconds and when it does, I stop what I am doing for just those seconds and be. Those few seconds make the difference.

I wish you each a great day, your best day and as always, God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be. †Ω∞