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Do you believe only in the things you can see?

It is the thing not seen that is the most important — a house is a thing seen, but a images (1)home is a thing unseen; a brain can be seen, but a mind is unseen; you can see a mother’s face, but not the love behind it; you can see a word, but not an idea; a church, but not God; flags, but not patriotism.  And so on down the line of things that are real and those that are fanciful or is there really anything that is fanciful.

If we can think it, imagine it we give it substance don’t we? Just as our childhood “imaginary” friends. They were as real to us, those that had them, and helped us through our lives at times when we needed them most. So were they not real and did they not serve a purpose? Maybe they are still here but as we grow, we cannot see them. A nice thought is it not. Just like the thought or idea of Guardian Angels. We do not see them except when we need to.

We each have lost ones that we love, we each feel them from time to time, and some of the lucky ones see them again in this life even if in a dream. Does that mean they exist or don’t? I say it all exists for if what we imagine or ever dreamed did not exist we would still be dragging our knuckles and living in caves.

What do you think?

With that, I will say to you, goodnight. God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to.