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We are all on a journey – passengers aboard a train that is steaming down the railways of life headed for its destination. In the early morning of our life it may be acceptable Old train tracks at Boscarne Junction, near Bodmin, on the Camel Trail.to want to just sit and enjoy the ride and take in the beauty of the scenery as it passes by, for there really isn’t much more that we can do.

By the noon day of our life, however, we should become a little more inquisitive about where the train is headed and how it is going to reach its destination.

By the evening of our life, we should no longer be comfortable and complacent with being just a passenger on the train, but by that juncture, we should have advanced into the position of being the conductor of the train with a sure knowledge of which rails the train should be traveling on to ensure that it reaches its intended destination.

Are you a passenger or are you the conductor of your life? Think about it. Do the events and people in life dictate your destination or do you?