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Midnight is the darkest hour of the night. And for some of us, the hands of our social clocks never seem to move past the midnight hour.

imagesTo each of you, so long as we continue to live our lives incessantly pointing our fingers at one another and addressing one another in accusatory tones of blame and guilt for all of the ills that plague our lives, our society and our spirituality, it will remain midnight.

So long as we continue to pit one race, religion or culture of people against another purporting that if we can persuade others to rally around us and champion our cause, then we will have established an easy resolution or cure all by displacing the fault and blame for the world’s problems on one group or groups of persons, it will remain midnight.

So long as we continue to pull ourselves and others down, demeaning and degrading them, leaving them feeling downtrodden and with a sense of insecurity and no worth, instead of edifying and lifting them up, it will be midnight.

So long as WE, the human race, refuse to come together, and reason together on grounds of commonalities instead of grounds of differences, and so long as we continue to build up walls of division and derision, instead of bridges of brotherly love and unity, it will remain midnight.

As long as it remains midnight, none of us will be able to see what is happening right before our own eyes by our own governments and leaders.

Yes, even when the sun is shining its brightest at noon day, it can still appear as if it is midnight in our lives.

This is of course just a thought. I wish you each a goodnight and as always, God bless each of yo and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be!