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What is the greatest prize of all in this life? The pearl of great price spoken of in scripture and many other writings?

It is coming home to the truth of yourself — coming home through all the quirks and idiosyncrasies and annoying habits of your human self to the quiet, serene presence that dwells, untouched and untroubled, at the core of your being and of who you are.

This being, that knows neither birth nor death, has been with you ever since you were born. It has extended its wisdom and love and assurance to you continuously no matter how foolish some of your actions may have been, and no matter how frightened or confused you may have been at times.

When we find this timeless peace that has been calling to us every moment of our lives from the depths of our own heart, we know that in comparison to this, nothing else is ultimately very important.

It is important, of course. I am very thankful for the home Gwen and I share and our lives together. If I had a dollar in my pocket, which I do not think I do at the moment, I’d be thankful for that. However, how much is it worth to feel at peace with my own being — with truth – in this moment? I could not put a price on it.

Coming to peace with truth, you come to peace with yourself.

Coming to peace with yourself, you come to peace with your life.

You love and cherish your life exactly as it is right now. You become aware of new possibilities for the future. Moreover, at the same time, you release the idea that anything you did in the past was a mistake. How could that be possible? Everything that has happened, including any tribulation or loss you may have known, has brought you to this moment of conscious awareness of the truth of yourself — that is to say, your own eternal presence.

You see transpiring in the world many very sad, very terrible things. Your heart aches. Your heartaches at the little things too, the little displays of arrogance, of prejudice, of ignorance and stupidity. Nevertheless, as long as you stay true to this place of nobility and peace within yourself, you always have a refuge, a safe place in which to dwell. In addition, more than that – you are connected to a source of wisdom and creative action within yourself that never fails.

Does the thought cross your mind that simply being at peace with yourself in this way is not offering too much into this troubled world? Well, chances are that if you have found an authentic connection with yourself you have plenty going on in an outer sense. However, it seems to me there is no greater responsibility in this time of escalating chaos and change than being true to ourselves and revealing the wisdom and peace of our own true nature as best we may.

What greater gift could there be?

Goodnight to each of you and to all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to.

The war is within and around us.

We are the war.

We are the aggressor.

We are the fodder and the killing machine.

We are the change needed.

Peace is within reach.