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It’s rare for my wife Gwen and I to get in a fight anymore, but we do from time to time. The last one we had wasn’t a big fight, and it didn’t last long, but it was intense while it
imageslasted, probably because we don’t practice it too much (smiling). We worked through the situation as best we could and I retired to our porch as I usually do muttering to myself that I needed to go do something out back.

But it didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t the first order of business. It was much
more important just to be still, and let my connection with the core of myself be renewed.

And so I sat back in my chair and just let everything go. When thoughts about the argument rose up clamoring for attention – or any other thoughts – I let them all go. And as I did this I became more and more aware of the stillness and peace that is always with us at the core of our being.

It doesn’t come from some external source. It doesn’t come from a book, or from another person, or even from a belief. It is our own peace, and all we have to do to reconnect with it is surrender.

Then there it is – bathing our mind and heart with bliss, washing away the tension in our body.