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The last few days as we have been celebrating the sixth year of our Granddaughter, Becca, being with us  I have begun to really realize what a wonderful journey this thing is that we call life. She is more than our granddaughter, she is our teacher.

BeccaI have also begun to realize my own mortality in a different way than when my Father and Mother passed away. I realize that what we give to others in the time we are here makes all of the difference. The memories we make and leave behind for the ones we love are incredible. The love we give and receive we take with us always and forever. That is, if we recognize the beauty in it all and are thankful for it.

Ageing off us a blessed opportunity to connect more than ever with the love that is at the core of each of our beings and the ability to express this love to its full potential regardless of anything else in life. We can see now that life is so much more than a job and making money, buying the next best gadget or new house. It is the love of family and friends and the passing of ourselves and our knowledge of what we have learned with those that we love.

In a sense, aging is a gift for others and us. It is a door to greater self-discovery. We now have time to embrace and develop the deeper aspects of ourselves than we ever thought possible when we were busy with the other “stuff” of life and of youth. We can now listen and actually see with our hearts our eyes and our souls. We can now listen to the whisper of wisdom in our hearts.

Putting it another way, aging – like any challenge – can be a door to greater self-discovery. We have time to embrace and nurture deeper aspects of ourselves than was perhaps possible when we were busy with the responsibilities of adulthood — or intoxicated with the adventure of youth. We can listen more keenly to the quiet voice of wisdom in our heart.

If you are my age, try to stop and realize that our experience of meaning has increased as we express more of ourselves into our world. Those simple little moments like the wind blowing in the tress or the random child’s laughter all acquire new wonder.

We can now heal our pasts with our new understanding and we can see unfortunate events in a new light and learn from them unlike any time before in our lives.

Stop making a living and start living life the way it should be lived and take none of it for granted.

Good night and god bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be.

P.S. Rebecca, thank you for all the love you fill our hearts with and the smiles and laughter that fills our days. We love you more than anything. We are so thankful for you and for your Mommy and Daddy. You are a very lucky little Angel as are we all because of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!