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I asked Gwen, my wife, tonight what to write of after starting over a few dozen times. She replied that I should right about ridding ourselves of useless thoughts and unnecessary possessions. As I started I realized that this is a two part post. So, tonight is about ridding ourselves of useless thoughts.

images (1)Each of us try to maintain positive thoughts all of the time but then there are times that negative thoughts hit us in the head like a brick.

When they do, they can grow within us and conquer our minds. When this happens, it may seem that a positive state of mind may seem out of reach.

Realistically we wish that this would never happen but it does. When it does how do, we deal with it. Well there are really only two things that we can do to get them out of our minds. We need to flee them and then fill!!!

As with any negative thing in live we must flee from all those negative thoughts. Do not pay attention to them, do not talk to them, and do not argue with them. Just flee and run away! Leave all those negative thoughts and go.

Once we flee them, we must fill our hearts and minds with something positive, something that lifts us so that those negative thoughts will not come back. You can think a thought or read a positive thought of the day or something. It matters not. It is all good.

Each of us must remember that we can do the first without the second. It is useless to try to fill your mind with positive thoughts if we still carry all those negative thoughts with us. Throw them away first and then you will be ready to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

This in itself may be the hardest thing we do in life but if we master it, it can change our lives for the better.

We must be aware of the current state of our mind no matter what. If negative thoughts start striking, we must be aware of them. Do not let our mind flow freely outside our awareness which is an easy thing to do. Believe me!

When there is an indication that negative thoughts are coming, make a firm decision that we want to run from them! There is no other way, we must make the decision. This way our mind is conditioned to run from those thoughts. Stick with your decision. Flee. Go. Run away. And don’t forget to continue to step 2, that is filling our mind with positive thoughts.

We do that and we conquer the world!