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I start each day with minute or two of meditation, no not sitting with my legs crossed but just focusing on my thoughts, my intents, and me at that moment and for the day.  images (4)During these brief moments, I take the time to be thankful for all of those who touch my life and who are yet to. I take this time to focus on the positive of the day that is yet to come.

During this moment, I remember those who have passed, those who are sick or afraid and need a thought sent their way. I pick a phrase and then meditate on how it relates to my life, how I can use it to better myself or someone else.

I think everyone can benefit by meditation, by a little bit of soul searching.  I know there are many who follow me here on Facebook and on my blog. Many of you write and tell me how something has touched you or helped you and for that, I am thankful.

Each day it is my expectation that when you read my words you will ask yourself how they apply to you and how you can use it in your life today but know that many times these words are written when I am answering a question within myself.

So today, I want each of you that are depressed to try to stop living in the past. For those of you that are restless try to stop looking so much into the future and for those of you that are in the here and now may you continue to be at peace.  Sound familiar? Lao Tzu modified!

Today I wish you peace and many moments!

As always, God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to.