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At the very core of all we do in this life, there exists our identity or individuality. Our sense of who we are and of our self is essential to everything we experience and become.

imagesSo then how do some tend to forget who they are?  I am speaking of the everyday experience of forgetting who we are compared to what we have become. I am speaking of who we are compared to our dreams of what we wanted long ago and the losing touch with our innermost desires and dreams. I am talking about forgetting what matters to us especially when they or it are right in front of us.

Facebook is an awesome tool to see how we have change over the years and it also an awesome tool to see and to learn from others mistakes and successes. As of late though I have seen a few that have lost themselves and forgotten what is important in life so much so that I have had to make a few changes to my friends list for now.

They have forgotten their children, their passions, their life and who they used to be. I see so many posing for pictures and trying to be who others think they want them to be to get a compliment or a nod.

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are…the second is being happy with what you discover.

Be yourself and not the self that others want you to be. Be happy for Gods sake, being YOU. Focus on what matters in life, you and your family and not others.

What is important to you? Really important? Stop and think about that tonight and look at your profile and look back over the last year. Do you like what you see?

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be!