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How many times in life have things changed for you and you have resisted the change with all of your might? Plenty I bet. That seems to be part of our human nature.

We seem to forget that change in itself is life and that nothing in our lives ever stands still. Everything must change because if it didn’t, life would be somewhat boring, would it not?

images (7)No matter the change, it can all be good if we accept the change and learn from it. Yes, there is bad change but most of the time the bad change is due to a bad decision and choice that we have made. You see, it is and has always been up to us.

We chose to be here and in this life, so learn from it and ride the ride of it with hands held high.

Remember that change is always happening in all things and for the good of you and everyone and everything. It is our evolution so embrace it!

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to.