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Have you ever just stopped for a second and realized that you are focused on everyone else and his or her story rather than your own?

images (2)As a society, we tend to be satisfied with the stories of success of others while focusing on what we feel is negative about our own life. It is no wonder that most of us cannot seem to motivate ourselves and we forget to write our own stories of success and happiness.

Will tomorrow I ask that you stop reading others stories and begin to write your own tale and then work with all that you are to bring it to life. Each of us have everything we need to become what we are each capable of becoming.

Unbelievable change happens when we decide to take control and not to focus on the lives of others. Consume less of others and create more of you in your life. Quit letting others do your thinking and quit living based on what others think you should have based on what they have. Do you own thinking, talking and deciding for you. Tomorrow begin to respect your own ideas and instincts to write your own story for the Universe.

Want it to grow beyond belief then you have to clear the path, reduce the delays and the burdens in life that weigh you down and pick up the things the enlighten you and give your life anew. Keep you wishes and goals close to your heart and dedicate a moment each day to reflect upon them and share them with those that you love and that love you.

There is really nothing in this life that is not possible unless we allow it to become impossible.

With that, I say to you all and to all of those to whom you are connected, good night and God bless. Now I am going to finally watch the” Life of Pi”.