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As I sat this morning, waiting for a tow truck, I started thinking as I looked at the environment around me. I saw the squirrels the birds the trees and all sorts of life moving and breathing.

images (8)Then I noticed the buildings and the bridges the cars and all the structures that man has made and I realize the only constant on our planet is life itself. Not the things we make or the things we strive to be.

It is us and all of life. There really is no difference between each of us but the differences that we put there the difference we imagine there to be.

We make our differences in thought and belief but I question why. Is it because we are scared to be alone or know that we are not? We have so much in common on this blue dot of ours yet we force the differences.

I wonder if we each could spend 10 minutes looking from outside of this blue dot of ours, how many differences we would see? Not too many I would assume.

Good night and god bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to.