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As human beings, it becomes part of our natural behavior to be inquisitive and wonder why certain things happen in life. This one question is the most asked on earth images (9)regardless of our backgrounds and age. At times we find ourselves consumed with concern and worry over things that we, in the end, have absolutely no control over.

To my approximation it comes down to learning to focus on those things that matter most to us in life, and trusting and believing that all other things in life will work out – maybe not exactly how we think that they should – but, they will work out the way they are supposed to work out.

I submit that there are things in this life that are of minor importance – things that are not worth cluttering the mind with or expending an excessive amount of time simmering over, because in the grand scheme of things, they just do not matter.

Then there are those things that are of somewhat importance and deserve some of our time and attention, but there again, we cannot allow ourselves to be overwhelmed or consumed by circumstances that are beyond our comprehension and control. In addition, there are those things that are the most important. These are the things that we should spend our energies focusing on.

In our entire lifetime, we may never learn the “why” of certain event that occurs. That is all right, for there are some things that happen in life in which we do not need to know the “why” behind them. We just need to exercise our faith – trust and believe that it is as it should be and ride the ride of this life with arms raised high.

I simply believe that this life is a test for our greater state of being, and that test is to see if we will learn from it all and endure to the end and leave something for those to whom we are connected to carry on with.

Oh yes, there will be events that occur that will at times shake our faith in humanity and whatever religion we may practice and cause us to doubt. However, we cannot allow these events in our lives to dictate our ultimate destiny.

Good night and God Bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to!