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Good morning to you all. I hope you slept well. Today I hope that we can all accept images (11)the day that stretches before us is all that matters. Your yesterday is gone along with all the events in it but hopefully you have a few moments that you carry with you but all the other stuff, let it go.

Each moment of every day is so special but we fail to recognize the moments because we are so busy that it is a blur most of the time. Each day we each have an opportunity to learn and to grow, to help and to share. All of this helps us to understand our lives. If we always focus on the yesterday’s we miss out on the conversations and the activities around us.

So, today think of what is going on in your life that is important. What can you do for someone else? What can you do for yourself and those you are connected to?

Today stop and pay attention to what is around you today. You may be surprised at what you notice.

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be