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A friend of mine has written a few poems and I thought I would do him a favor and post one a week here for you and your enjoyment. He would love to see what you think so please leave a comment:

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Letters of Passion (3) – The Senses

The taste, sweet as honeysuckle
bathed in a gentle spring shower
the mystical fragrance, alluring,
awakens the slumbering soul to life
and the touch, a caress soft as silk,
quickens the heart to nourish the fire,

the sound, a song, enchanting,
a chorus of the sirens serenade.
look deep, eyes captivating and radiant
the eyes of passion, gaze into the eyes
and witness the power of the spirit,
passion released and passion returned,
hearts beating in time, souls coalesce
for yet a moment, its eternity shared.

Terry Onken- Sept 23, 2004