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Have you ever seen someone that no matter what could be the happiest individual that you have ever seen? There whole world could be crumbling down around them, at imagesleast from what we can see and they are still happy! You ever wonder how or why?

I think it is because that are so at peace with themselves and with life and know that with all that they are that all things are happening for a reason for themselves and that the Creator, God and the Universe is in everything and in every event and thing that no pain, fear or negativity can touch them.

We may worry that the person is going mad but I bet if you asked them what was going on they would just say that they are certain that all is at it should be.

For those that do not have this conviction, confidence, or faith it can look like someone is going out of their minds but know that they are not. They may just have a bit more trust and faith in themselves and in what is around them.

So maybe we can learn from that and maybe we can go a little bit crazy too! Just a thought of course.

With that, I wish each of you your best day today and as always, God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be!