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Elasticity is the very core of the divine character, as critical to our happiness and inner peace as water is to a healthy body.

Outside our back bedroom window, we have an area that Gwen and I made as a little place of peace, or a place of refuge. In this space are a number of bird feeders so that she can see them from the bedroom window. They are probably about 10 to 15 feet from the house.

Every day she sits there for a bit, to be, and to admire the multitude of new friends that come around to gorge on the newly found bounty.

Roy-Hancliff09She does not know but when I am home watch her watch them at times and I listen with all that I am about the actions the birds take and how the many species seem to get along and even more I love the pictures she gets of them.

Anyway, I got of subject. I admire what she sees for to me these animals are noble with impeccable grace with which they live and meet life. They fly, dart back and forth with the wind. They adjust their movements to the environment around them. Whatever happens they adapt to it.

We should all be like the birds. Trust life and move with it. Dance in the wind and never bow down to it in the face of life’s challenges and tribulations.

I think that this is what the birds and Gwen have that connect them and each of them remind me of this each day.