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We often hear others say that a person has not yet found his or her self. However, the self is not something that any of us finds fore it is something that each of us images (2)creates with each thought and action that we take each day of our lives.

We should all be patient toward all that is within our hearts and unsolved. We need to love the questions we have yet to ask and yet to have answered because it is this discovery of each that connects us all as we share our lives. It is when we are ready to live the answers to our questions that we get our answers.

Live life, live everything and live your questions now. Most of the time we will find the answers gradually as we grow and we will live in a distant day into and with our answers. Follow your hearts and your souls each day in thought and act. Share all you can with those that you love and help them along their path in this life when you can.