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How many of us feel groggy, frustrated or even mad at the world when we first Capturehear out alarm clocks go off in the morning? In the very first few seconds of our day, we decide the path of our day to an extent in our thought and most of the time I would say that its not pleasant path that most of us start with.

If we look at our days immediately with contempt, the odds are that we will miss so many beautiful moments during our day. We will miss so many connections to others and many opportunities to do well and to learn from the events in our day. We actually miss opportunities do better our lives.

To prevent this as much as I can I want to share with you what I do each night in my mind. I do all I can to ensure that I get up on the right side of the bed by thinking and mouthing positive words and actually pre plan my tomorrow with positive thoughts. I do this each night before I close my eyes.

Try this tonight if you will. As you lay your head down say these words or words that fit you and your life:

Tomorrow I know will be a beautiful day filled with many positive connections and moments for me and my life and all of those to whom I am connected. As I sleep, I will rejuvenate all of my mind, body and my soul in preparation for the best day of my life. When I awake in the morning, I will be happy and I will be open to all of the amazing things that I usually miss. I will learn from those around me and I will do all the good that I can. I WILL have my best day!

Try to say this or a variation of this a few times before you doze off and let your mind absorb it and when your alarm goes off get up instead of hitting the snooze half a dozen times. This last part is the hardest for me. LOL.

With this I say to you goodnight and may your God bless you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be. †Ω∞