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I have so enjoyed the last few days with you. Seeing you smile even though I know you hurt. Seeing you laugh even though I know that sometimes you want to cry.

Gwen SmileI want you to know that everything I do is for you because I love you. My over protectiveness, my staying close to you and watching you is because I love you and not to take anything away from you.

I know that over time I may seem smothering and I do not mean to be at all. I want to give you all that is possible to give you back what has been taken away from you and to give you everything that you have never had. All because I love you.

Each day I look forward to seeing your smile and hear your laughter. I try to joke and sometimes it does not come across as such, I know. Sometimes I say something that comes out totally wrong in an effort to see that beautiful smile or to lift you up and I end up knocking you down a notch. Know that is never in my mind to do so or my heart.

Just know that my intent is to make you happy but I do make mistakes so feel free to pop me upside the head from time to time when I do that. LOL.

I love you my Gwen and this love does grow more each second of every day! I thank God and the Universe for you and all that you have given me and all that you have taught me about me and about life and about the strength of the human spirit.

“Smile just that little smile
That makes my heart go week,
Smile just once before i pass
Your radient glow i see and weep.

Smile and fill my life with joy
Give meaning to my life

Smile and touch me far and deep
Let my feelings through me seep
Smile and let me love you
Smile i beg you, smile.

Just smile so i can see,
One little thing just for me,
Smile so i can keep you near,
In thought and memory hold you dear.

Smile that perfect smile i love,
Smile, free me from pain,
Smile, take me up above
Just smile, I’l fly above any pain”