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Today marked the 24th year of the passing of my Gwen’s daddy, Bobby. We went to the cemetery today together for her to say hello and to be with him for a little bobbybit.

You know, the pain never really goes away as it become part of us as we go on in our lives and we learn to cope. For me, when I am watching someone I love very much hurt I want to say something, to take away the pain or to say something eloquent.

None of that helps really. Gwen has taught me that sometimes the best thing to do is just be silent and to just be there and not to try to help. So today, that is what I did. I did let her know that I am there and that I love her.

I do know that her father loved her while on this earth with all of his heart. I do know that he still does and I do know that she loves him and misses him dearly. I do know that one day they will be together once again and I look forward to sharing that day when we are all connected once again in the same time and same space. I do wish that I know him more in life but I do feel him with us from time to time here, as does Gwen.

The death of the ones that we love is indeed a very difficult experience but it is something that is common to each of us and something that we cannot avoid. The anniversary of the death of ones that we love can be a very painful day but if we each develop a way to celebrate the life along with the death and we do so with honor we can relive all of those happy memories.

Reflection on days of loss of our loved ones can help keep us close to them and to the memories. I hear so often that grieving is a process but really it is an intimate part of our lives. A process has an end, grieving has no end, only stages as we grow and as time passes. We will cry and that is fine for all this means is that we love and we remember.

Now to make sure that we, in life, always say to the ones that we love we do and never let a day go by without saying it and always make sure that the ones that you love know why.

With this, I say goodnight and God bless to each of you and to all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be. †Ω∞