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Well it has been a good day. We got a lot of the yard done but still a bit to go. I hope that you each had a great weekend. I have to get up early for a Good Day- To Have A Good Day-02teleconference with China at six.

Monday, one of our dreaded days only because we make them so. Tomorrow let us each, instead of sending anger, let us send love. Instead of filling our minds with worry or frustration let us fill our thoughts with love.

Tomorrow let us each send out to our world, genuine love to those to whom we are each connected, to those that we love and even to those that we don’t love so much.

Tomorrow let us each let go of the need to have the last word and the need to prove ourselves. Let us each find ourselves living with forte and success because we think it and say it is so.

Tomorrow let us focus on life and the love within it and send it out to all.

Tomorrow if we find that, we are unsure of what to do let us each do what is authentic, honest and honorable. Move forward with love in our hearts for ourselves, for life and for all others and you will be the pebble that causes the ripple without end.

With that I say to you each, goodnight and God bless and may tomorrow be your best day as each day thereafter.