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With all of the sadness on TV the last few days in Oklahoma, it got me to thinking. Actually, it got me to thinking more about things I have said before. “Live your life nowtoday and tell those that you love that you do and leave no doubts.”

Today at this very moment, each of us have a life and a time to live it. We, as a society seem to live in the past or in the future working to get something somewhere down the road.

We should fill this minute and time right now with our very best attitudes, our utmost gratitude’s and our best actions.

We should each be good with the now and the now I promise will be very good to each of us. We each need to be amazed and inspired at the value of what is at this moment and who is in our lives. We have so much right in front of us yet we are blind to it.

Stop wasting your thoughts, time, energies and love wishing for more things, stop wishing for things or people to be different. We can have the most amazing life right this second with what we each already have.

See the possibilities of your now and of all of those that are right in front of you.

Replace any worries you have with wonder, and with an eagerness to fully immerse yourself in the unmatched experience of being right where you are and with whom you are. Replace fear with love for the outstanding possibilities that are yours here and now.

Now as you, ready yourselves for sleep think of this to yourself, “when was the last time I told my son, my daughter, my wife or husband that I love them and did I tell them why?” “Do they even know why I love them and do I expect them to know without me saying it?”

By the way, I love each of you as a member of my human and spiritual family. Why, because you are you and each of you make me who I am.

Goodnight and god bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.