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Good morning, I have noticed this morning that a lot of you have recently and that many of you are going through a hurt we all eventually share. So, I thought I would share my thoughts real quick before I begin my day.

Gotta have a little humor...LOL

Gotta have a little humor…LOL

As we all know, life is full of hurt and loss. This is what makes our life, LIFE. We cannot have the good without the bad, we cannot create without destroying, and this is a cycle built within the Universe.

As our life goes, we must let each moment, good and bad, happy and sad, come freely and savor the richness of it all. When we do that we must then let the moment go and hold on to the memories so that we can allow our next moment to come to us.

There is nothing gained by dwelling longer than we need to on any event especially loss. Each of us has a different way and a different time in dealing with it but we cannot hold onto it and we also cannot run from it. If we do either we take nothing positive from the experience with us.

Instead, we should enjoy, appreciate, celebrate and make full use of any of these experiences and treasure them as we go from one moment to the next in life.

Let us welcome these challenges and changes as they come and take the memory of them with us always. When we do this, we enrich our world as those that have gone have done. We pass our lives on to those around us.

Let all of the moment’s flow through you no matter what it may bring. Experience the losses, pain, happiness and memories fully with a passion, a purpose, and a hope for a future not equal to anything before. Then, LET IT GO, while holding on to the gifts that they have added to your life and share them with those to whom you are connected to.

May today be your best day and may God and the Universe bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be.