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No, not me. Today was a great day with my Gwen but I wanted to get your attention for a second to get you to think about your days, even when you think it itwas bad.

Each of us can choose, even when it was indeed bad, to make all bad, good. No matter what you may have, from where you may be and no matter where you may have been, each of us can make all bad good, right now!

What choices do we have or I should say what, “easy”, choices do we have? Let us see, we can whine, complain, blame or we can each just not do a damn thing. Or we can make the choice to make it GOOD!

Let us take the victories, the defeats, the frustrations, the successes, the disappointments and the joys and with all of it, MAKE IT GOOD! Let us each take this very moment, this situation, this environment, this opportunity, this challenge and let us make it good.

None of us is magic and there is nothing that we can do to change what has already happened but we can learn from the past to make our present better, though.

Let us not just talk about it or plan to do it or to wonder about it. Let us get busy and get going on getting committed to making all wrong, GOOD!

This is our live is it not? This is our opportunity to make a difference so let us each choose to do no harm to others or ourselves and learn from the bad and make it all good.

With this I say to you each and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to, goodnight and God bless. May tomorrow and each day thereafter be your best day.