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Do you really ever count your blessings? In your day-to-day lives how often, do you imagesfeel happy, joyful and thankful for the things that you already have in your life? Do you realize how lucky you already are?

In our quest to better our lives, we each need to be careful not to overlook the wealth that we already have. This wealth is very real to each of us and already accessible to each of us.

Each of us is abundantly wealthy. Many of us do not feel like it especially if we just paid our bills. Yet, we have an abundance that is beyond most comprehension. The trick is for us each to tap into that abundance and use it to better ourselves, our world and each of those to whom we are connected.

The process of being thankful and seeing our wealth begins the second we begin to count our blessings, taking stock of what we have, the things that we know, the people in our lives, our spirituality, our skills, opinions, our perspectives on life, our families, our hobbies, our sense of humor, our appreciation of all things beautiful, our caring for others, our concern for those that are less fortunate and our abilities to see the good in life. This list is endless and these things all have a value beyond anything that any of us can imagine.

I ask each of you to take a hard look at yourself tonight, see, and count your blessings. Write them down. Think of as many as you can. Then I want you to think of the beauty and richness of your life. Then realize that none of these things requires any money, position or power. Each of these spring from who you are, your soul, your thoughts and attitude, the way you react to situations, the way you value others and the way that you value life itself.

Right this very second, each of us has the ability to do anything we want to do with our lives. We have complete control of our behavior, or actions and our thoughts every second of every day. Our lives are completely up to us.

Life and all of its wealth is within you if only you will look.