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Each day we have a choice to make, a choice that will affect our day as well as the Captureday of those to whom we are connected. The choice is one that is very simple yet very complex in that it can affect so many emotion and so many people.

The choice we have is that we will decide within the first few minutes of our mornings whether we will have a good day or a bad day.

Each of us are in control and each of us should realize that sometimes in life the events around us are not as we interpret them at any given moment. Remember that each of us is in control.

Tomorrow as we go through our day let us make it a point to remember something and let us keep this thought in our minds at all times; WE are in control!!!

If we can believe it rather than just saying it we can each change our life and the lives of the people around each of us that we are connected to.

Each of us is in control. We are in control of all of our actions and all of our responses and all of our thoughts. We are all in control of our attitudes. NO ONE can make us depressed, or lonely, or angry, or excited, it is our reaction to others based on our mood that determines our attitudes. This is something that we can change, because we are in control.

Each of us is in control of our own consequences. Whatever happens to us happens because of us. All of us are the sum of the choices that we have made and are yet to make. Let us each create the person that we want to be and not what others want us to be. Let us each choose to resolve issues and problems and to take action and do so doing no harm.

Let no one live our life but us. Our life is made of choices, not chances. Tomorrow make the choice to be happy and to be in control.