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Did you hear that? Are you listening?

Each of us receive messages, thousands of them, each day from God, the Universe human-space-universe-cosmosand a multitude of people we are connected but we miss those messages I think because we are too busy making a living rather than living life.

We should each slow down a bit and become aware of these messages for I believe that these messages, signs or whatever we call them, guide us at this very moment to the next moment. I believe that there are no coincidences.

Everything we notice and everything we hear guides us. Every scent, color, sound or memory, all events and situations is God and the Universe speaking to us, guiding us.

For us to know what is being said and to know if it has any relevance to us though, we must listen.

Today let us each stop, listen, and feel. Let us use our eyes to see, our ears to listen. Let us each connect with all that is around us and all that comes to us.

I wish for you each your best day and as always, God bless you and all of those to whom you are connected to.