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Life, as it is why do we not make JOY!!!

Today, tomorrow and each day we should each embrace life and with this embrace Joymake JOY! We should each experience life for what it is. It is an awesome gift and an awesome opportunity and we should make nothing but JOY out of it!

We may not have known much joy in our pasts but now is our opportunity to make more of everything in your life joyful. We should each focus on how to simply be, let it be pure and let it be unconditional joy that radiates from us.

Each of us has suffering in our lives. Each of us has problems, pains and challenges. Never the less, each of us also has the good fortune to be able to turn life into JOY! With life, the way that it is each of us has the ability to make joy and give joy to all of those to whom we are connected.

Let us not fight nor run away from life. Let us not feel bitterness or make excuses for life and the events within it. Let us never give up, back down, or fall into a destructive frame of mind.

Tomorrow and each day let us smile and let us show nothing but kindness and joy. Tomorrow let us feel the miracle of our own existence. Let us all live life as it comes with open arms and minds and hearts and let us make nothing but JOY!

With that I say to you goodnight and God bless to you and to all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be connected to.