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Do you have hope in your heart? Do you believe in the power of hope? Have you ever witnessed the miracle of hope?

hopeEach of us cannot live by hope but must live with it. We all hope for the best in things but it is not enough. For hope to see reality, we must always take action on the hope within us.

How many times have you just hoped that something improved and ended up just tolerating the situation? Simply hoping will not accomplish anything in our life. We must accompany our hope with action and work. This is the only way that our hope will be realized. What a powerful combination this is! If we combine hope with our work, drive, desire for change we will see the change we hope for.

Action cannot be replaced by hope. We must each do what we must do regardless of hope. Yes, let us hope for the best but do everything we can and within our power to make it happen. Things will indeed get better only when we make them better.

Today and each day let us each start our day with hope and then let us each take action to make this hope a reality. Let us use our hope to inspire us and not just merely console us.

It is and has always been up to us and all things in our lives depend only on us and no one else.

Let today and each day be your best day. God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be.