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Whatever you seek to acquire, the most reliable way to get it is by giving, rather than by taking, to be selfless rather than selfish. To obtain wealth, give value. To get help, help others

selfishnessTo be happy, make other people happy. To truly learn, teach others. To be loved, give love. To be respected, act with respect toward others.

When you attempt to take what you want or to make others what you want, you will be met with suspicion, distrust, barbed wire and guard dogs. By contrast, when you give of yourself, you encounter little or no resistance in life.

Sincerely seek to give, to provide value, to make a difference, to help others, especially those that are close to you and people will line up to support you in life.

Every person alive, no matter how sincerely selfless and altruistic they may be, is concerned in some way with their own self-interest, if they were not they would stop breathing.

You can be sure that anyone with whom you come in contact is influenced to some degree by his or her own self-interest for that is part of being human. However, you cannot be sure that they are the least bit interested in you and I am afraid I see this so often in the stories of your lives from time to time.

That being the case, you are considerably more likely to achieve your own success when you champion the self-interest and preservation of others, to help others, to love others and to do all you can for another.