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We should all know that we are not always as tough or as bulletproof as we make think we are. Just because we are human does not make us any more special than hornetany other life on earth.

Yesterday, I received a lesson from something about the size of a matchbox car. I had just gone outside and out of no place a hornet pegged me on my lip, of all places, MY LIP! I had just trimmed my mustache the day before and if I had not he would have not tagged me.

After jumping around for a second and catching my bearings, I ran inside like a baby as I felt my lip already swelling, my eyes watering and me already babbling because of the swelling.

After a few minutes, the pain was less severe but now my lip looks like I lost a fight, which I guess I did.

The lesson here is that we are all part of something bigger. Sometimes we are not the big boy on the block even though we are bigger. Sometimes we are but one thing is for sure, we are all part of life and our lives are based on our response to the events in it.

Another thing I learned of is sacrifice. Like bees, hornets and wasps give there life for the survival of the many. It is amazing to me that things so small can defend to the death its brothers and sisters.

If you think about it, we can learn so much about life from the little life around us each day. I think next I will write of the dragonfly, my question today to you is; what sacrifices would you give for your family, a stranger or our society as a whole?

I wish each of you your best day today. God bless you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.