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If you want to lose a losing battle then fight against change or you can change Captureyour typical response and make all change your friend. When we work against something, it cause friction and is harder to move or to navigate.  So, why not make change work for you?

None of us can be certain what can or will happen tomorrow but one thing is for sure, things will change. Life by its nature is a dynamic thing. Our Universe is in a constant state of change. Chaos is the normal nature of our Universe. Did you know that even the smallest, most solid object and substances on earth that are made up of tiny particles are in a constant state of change and vibration?

Change leads to destruction, despair and decay but with this comes creation. It is a rule of the Universe! This means that change no matter how painful can lead to immense joy in our lives. It depends on how you respond to it, accept it and interpret it so that we can adapt and learn. Change itself is a neutral thing. It cares not what it does to you and that is why it matters what you do with it.

The past is the past; it is over so learn from it. Carry its jubilant memories and emotions with you always and move forward with resolve. When change does come be aware of the incredible opportunities that come with it, see them and feel them.  When we are open to change we can spot the opportunities and we develop that courage to make the most of them. When we do we will continue to grow better as human beings and do so with each change.

With that, I say to you each, goodnight and God bless and to all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.