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th (1)Today is Tuesday and today will be one of our best days. Tuesday means Týr in Norse, a God of war but today we will think the opposite of what war suggests,

Today we each will see more deeply into our lives, into our consciousness and fully understand what we are putting into the Universe and into the lives of those of whom I am connected.

Today we will notice the correlations between cause and effect in our own lives and we each will understand where we are going.

Today we will spread nothing but love, light and all that is good and know what awaits us tomorrow and each day thereafter for we will get back that which we give.

Today we shall focus on the big picture and follow the path that the Universe and God has laid before each of us and we each will connect with both.

Today we will bless all of those to whom we are connected and wish no one ill will. Today we will ensure that today is our best day and that each proceeding day is the same.

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be.