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I wrote this, modeling the 23rd Psalm, this morning in honor of those Houston firefighters that have lost their battle but continue to live on in their brothers and sisters, always! 

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My brother is my protector, I fear nothing.

They make me lie down in the smoke,

They lead me beside the walls,

They provide me protection

They guide me along the smoke filled hallways,

For the ones needing savings sake.

Even though I crawl

Through the darkest recesses in flame and smoke,

I will fear not death,

For they are with me;

Their hose and halligan,

They comfort me

In the presence of smoke and flame

They anoint my head with water;

My gear saturated and heavy

Surely your strength and protection will follow me

All the days of my life,

And I will dwell in the house of those

That have gone before me, forever

Because we are brothers

Because we are firefighters

We are always together