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CaptureWhat is persistence to you? What does it mean? What value does it have for you? How does persistence influence our actions and all of our connections?

For our actions in life to have a powerful effect, we must repeat them. The greatest discoveries in life, the most profound thoughts and realizations in our society came not from brilliance but from persistence.

Always remind yourself of this; it is not what has already happened in life that matters most but what we each do next!

We must always focus on our purpose, what we have chosen to achieve in this life and on what we can do about it right this moment. Forget the disillusionments and focus on the current opportunities in your life.

Being persistence is not complicated or for that matter, even difficult. All we have to do is to PERSIST, keep on making an effort and this is something that we can do no matter our histories.

Each one of us owe it to ourselves to look forward, not backward. We owe it to ourselves to get where we have chosen to go so let us each keep on going.

Get done what must be done, stay positive in all that you do, change what you need to change and with persistence on our side we can accomplish anything, change anything and live a life full of possibilities.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected or will ever be.