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The more I read about the little 11-year-old Hispanic child, Sebastian, that sang the National Anthem the other night the more appalled I become. He did an awesome job and did the moment justice. His response to all of the hatred afterwards has done the Anthem Justice as well.

He sang in his mariachi outfit and did so to honor and promote his band as well as his culture. The backlash that followed sickens me. Comments like, “wetback can sing at an port-o-let”, “he is illegal”, “why is a Mexican singing our National Anthem?”

Seriously, people, not one of us, unless we are American Indian, have any room or right to say what is being said. I think part of the problem in society today is that we have no culture. Most of us are here because of our ancestors coming here from other countries.

My family came from Scotland yet I have no idea of my culture. Do you, probably not. I really think that most of this ignorance arises from the fact that we see others with a culture and we attack it because we may be a little jealous.

Each of us have a freedom to decide our attitudes and responses to things but do so without following the crowd and do what is right.

Again, each of us always has the freedom to decide our own attitude. There is no person, no law, no wall, no prison, no labor, and no circumstance that can prevent you from exercising control over your own mind.

Your circumstances do not control you. You control you. The world around you is as good, or as bad, and you decide to make it. You could be born in a palace, and end up making nothing of your life. Or you could grow up in a slum, and rise to become a person of great accomplishment.

You can be patient amid frustration. You can be focused amid confusion. You can be disciplined amid debauchery. You can be positive in the face of despair, and loving in the face of hatred.

The person you are inside does not depend on the things happening on the outside. A life of success comes from remaining steadfast to your own purpose and using, rather than being consumed by, the whims of circumstance.

This little boy outshines all of the negative comments and he thanks the ones that make the positive ones. He is what we should all strive to be a little like.

I for one am proud of him as a human being!

Please take a moment to watch the video: