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No matter how old you are or how old we get each of us have dreams. What is your dream? What is it that you dream of accomplishing in life and why? For me it is Captureto continue to write as I do and hopefully write the Great American Novel and to write for a living rather than working for a living!

As we grow and get older each of us are caught up in life and all that we put on ourselves to be “successful”. We focus on this more and more and over time, we forget to seek out and appreciate LIFE. So, again, I ask, what is your dream? Do you even really know anymore?

Yes, you have one, we all do. Since childhood, we have had a dream and most of us more than one. While we were kids, the dreams came easy, anything was possible, and as we grew and were “taught” how life “should” be, we became limited in our dreams by the experience of life.

Over time “reality” set in. Decisions, responsibility and competition, the need to impress others. Bit by bit as we grew the world we were taught began to cover our dreams and bury them. The stuff of life that we are taught that matters piles on top of our dreams until one day, we forget we ever had them.

Well I am here to tell you that they are HERE! They may be buried deep in your mind and heart but your dreams are still there! I can bet that every so often you connect with them if even in a fleeting thought or memory. Something you hear or smell or even touch triggers the dream to wrestle within you and remind you that it is still there. When this happens, you probably feel remorse that you never followed it. Then some of the STUFF of life comes back and it is gone again.

What are you and I living for if not to follow our dreams? Dreams make the world go around and make life livable and fun. Are we living for money or pleasure? Have we taken the easy way out and allowed ourselves to live others dreams, the dreams of our parents, friends or our partners?

Dig down, pull those dreams back to you, and reconnect with your life’s dreams. Work at it and live it and make your dreams a reality and I can promise that you will have a life that is full and rewarding and when this happens it will spill out to all of those to whom you are connected to. Dreams can be a contagious thing.

With this, I say to you each goodnight and God bless and to all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be. Sweet dreams my friends!