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Good Monday morning to you all, well, here we are again at another Monday. Yahoo! So who is ready for the weekend? Yep, me too!

helpSo, this morning I was thinking on the way into the office about lifting others up, helping others and about what I personally have done which led me to this, to ask you, what have you done lately to bring about the greatness in someone else?

You know, when we lift others up in life we tend to lift ourselves up with them. How many times have you get discouraged or sorry for yourself? Quite a few, we all do. The best way I have found to get out of it is to help someone else. When we do, we help ourselves.

Each of us has a need to be needed, right. Stop and ponder this for a second. WE EACH NEED TO BE NEEDED! Find someone in your life that you consider a successful person and then ask yourself, “How have they changed the lives of others for the better?” I bet you can see a lot.

So now ask yourself whom can you help and where can I make a difference. How can I lift up and improve the life of another today. I think that when you sit for a moment and really think about it, the answers will light and guide you to where you need and want to be in life. Each of our lives are magnified by every other person to whom we are connected and if you think about it, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

God bless each of you and may you each have your best day today and all of those to whom we are all connected to.