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Sometimes we have not so good days. Some days we respond to things in ways that normally we would not. It’s okay, we are human.

When bad times and troubling events, emotions or thoughts come towards us this capis the best time to let peace come from within us. Our world, as we all know, is filled with anger, frustration and more confusion than any of us care to acknowledge or to admit but is that not even more reason to allow a peaceful heart to come forth and allow it to be the most valuable.

I think that the more peaceful that we can all be the more effective and compassionate and understanding we can become. When we strive to fill our hearts with peace, our life’s energy radiates out to others and we and those around us become more positive and purposeful.

The longer we can focus our hearts and minds on peace the stronger we can become as an individual and as a society. Peace on the inside I believe leads to a real genuine and meaningful success on the outside and can affect our world.

Each of us has a choice to carry peace with us no matter what is going on in our world and in our lives. We can let the deep power of peace, the calm lift us up and make a difference in our lives.

When we have peace at the center of our thoughts and our hearts our thoughts and our actions alike are filled with purpose. Have you ever had an argument that you honestly remember how it started or why? Whatever the challenges of life we each may face, each of us, with peace, has what it takes to move past it all.

It is up to us and us alone.

Peace is something we can each choose to carry confidently inside of us. The more we practice of it the more moments we each will fill with purpose and meaning no matter how small the moment may be.

Sleep well and as always, God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to. Peace be with you all!