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What kind of perspective do you have on your life at this very moment? Tonight, take a moment and look back at all of the things that you have accomplished and sucas you do, don’t think that you have not accomplished anything, because YOU have, EACH of us have.

If you are reading this and the fact that I am typing this we have accomplished at least one thing, we have survived up to this point! Relationships, romantic, business, social and political to name a few, we have survived them.

What of the books, magazines and articles that we have read the things that we have learned, the things we have broken and then fixed, the moves we have enjoyed and even hated, the music we have collected. All of these are accomplishments, are they not? Now do not forget the immense ones, your education, whatever it may be, your job, wealth your, your family, your children and grandchildren to name just a few.

Now that you have thought about it, is your life not full of accomplishment! Human nature tends to push us to focus on the negative of life when there is so much positive. Think about this, each day we typically get most of everything we want and or need. Most of us have learned how to survive life and to enjoy and cherish it. Each day we accomplish something both small and great.

Now imagine what our lives would be like if all the energy of all of our accomplishments was to be directed to one single purpose. If so then we could literally do anything. This energy is there already. We each prove it to ourselves on a daily basis, do we not? For any of us to reach our dreams all that we really need to do is to concentrate our energy, which we already have, to the fulfillment of our dream.

Therefore, now that you realize that we are more accomplished than we really think look at your life and see how far you have come. Realize that you do know how to get what you want and make the pledge to focus all the energy you already have and see how much more of your life can be successful.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be!