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Freedom, as majestic and powerful it is, freedom can be a very frightening thing as well. It is so because it demands our very best. 

fireworks-5For most, it is easier to be dependent and a lot easier to just give in and to give up. How tempting is it for most of us to simply give our troubles and our responsibilities to someone else?

Although, if we do that, nothing worth having would be left for most of us now would it. If we turn our back on freedom, we turn our back on the essential beauty of whom we are as an individual and a nation.

For us to live with freedom, self-sufficiency, independence and responsibility requires great effort, commitment, persistence, strength and some sacrifice. What it yields for us and all of those to whom we are connected is a greater experience of a rich and fulfilling life.

True freedom is a lot of work; true freedom is worth every bit of the work we devote to it. It is in making the effort, making the decisions and living our own dreams that are unique to each of us that we each achieve the life we truly long to live.

True freedom may be a little frightening we should each run out and embrace it with all that we have within us. For in this freedom, our highest and best possibilities are ready to come to life and to touch all of those to whom we are connected.

This 4th of July I want each of you to think of those that have gone above and beyond in life ensuring that we have the freedom that we have now and which allows us to grow upon this freedom from their sacrifice.

Let us not allow our government to demean what they have done any further. Let us not forget that this country is built upon God and the sacrifice of many a man, woman and child. Let us not forget that it will continue to require the sacrifice of many to retain it and to bring it back to what it once was.

Happy 4th of July to you all and goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be.

God Bless each soldier, past, present, future, and all of their families. I have had the honor of serving with you many years ago and my thoughts and prayers are with you all, always!

God Bless Our America!