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Instead of my usual motivational post, I thought I would do something different tonight, for two reasons. One is to help me relax a bit and to see how I am writing in this style and second to get you to read into what is there. I hope that you comment with what you got out of the story.

imagesDid you know that a drop of dew is as much alive as you or I?

Early one morning as the sun began to rise; a little dewdrop became aware of his life and his surroundings. There it was sitting on a leaf as he capturing the sunlight and sending it back out. The dewdrop was very proud of its simple beauty and was very content about his life and his purpose in it. It looked around and noticed that there were other dewdrops. Some of them were on the same leaf as he and some were on other leaves nearby. This little one though was so sure that it was the best and the most special dewdrop that has ever existed.

Ah, what a life it was being a dewdrop!!

After while the wind began to rise and his leave began to shake and to tip and as tis happened the little dewdrop was become terrified as gravity decided to pull it to the edge of his leaf and to the unknown and the things he could not see but only in his mind.. “Why? Why is this happening? I was so comfortable. I was safe with my friends. Why does it have to change? Why/ Why?”

As our little friend reached the edge of his known world, the leaf, it was terrified and know that he would certainly be smashed into a thousand pieces below. He just knew that this was going to be the end. His life and his day just began and the end had now come so quickly. It seemed so wrong for this to be happening. It made him feel his life was meaningless. Our little dewdrop tried so desperately to do whatever it could to hang on to the leaf but in the end it was of no use.

Finally, he let go and surrendered to the natural pull of gravity. Down and down and down he fell. As he looked down, he noticed what seemed to be a mirror. He saw a reflection of himself coming up to meet the dewdrop. Closer and closer, and yet even closer they came together until finally….

His fear almost instantly transformed into a joy he had never felt as the dewdrop merged with the vastness of the pond below that he did not know existed.

Our little friend the dewdrop was gone and no more. He was not destroyed.

Our little friend had become one with the whole of his kind.

Now I ask of you want this little story means to you? What did it make you think of?

Tonight instead of me giving the advice or an answer, which are based on my opinions and my own life history, I ask that you each take this story and you tell me what I am saying to YOU. As you do this you will see many different outcomes.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be.