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Almost from the moment of your birth, a time when you did not know anything any better other than to believe it, you have had a dream. Each of us has. Each of us downloadhave had an idea of what our life should be. Each one of us has always known what we really want to do. We have always known our special place in life, our own unique contribution.

On some plane, some level we have always known. Maybe you have never challenged it face to face or maybe you have. You do notice that your dreams make themselves known in each and everything that you do, in the things that you like and do not. In the people that you enjoy and the places, you like to see.

If you pay close attention, your dreams give you so many hints, each and every day. How well have you gotten at ignoring them?

Listen to and attend to your dream(s). Follow them. I am not saying to quit your job, leave your wife, husband or family. None of these are standing in your way in any way. YOU ALONE are standing in your own way. To blame it on others you will do nothing but to delay you so much longer.

Tonight I ask each of you to make the effort to do what each of you are here to do. Fulfill the possibility that is your life and a life that can make a change in our world for the better of all of us and all of those to whom you are connected.

Goodnight to you all and as always, God bless you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be.