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It bothers me the events going on in our country at this moment. The division between groups is widening by the second. The blaming and anger and the listenvengeance wanted are growing exponentially with every word that is spoken. It is almost as if our society wants to collapse, to have this conflict that is becoming inevitable. The ones crying civil rights violations and racism are the very ones perpetuating the same.

You can call me something for so long I will become it! All of us will.

It not only bothers me, it angers me and I do not like getting angry for that is not my nature. For now, I will digress and let it be as long as I can for tomorrow is a new day. I know very few read what I write but for those of you that are in the groups above I ask you to let it go and stop doing what you’re doing.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Please do not let your history interfere with your or our destiny! Let tomorrow or better yet, this second be the time that you STOP being a victim of your own thoughts, decision’s and circumstances and start taking action to unite and change the world for the better. Stop spewing negativity into our world and begin making the life you keep saying you are owed and that you want.

Each of you has the power within yourself to shape your own life. No one else is responsible for that. Break free from your victim mentality and embrace the fact that we are all human and no one is out to get you and discover the truth of your own greatness. You are not here to bring the world to its knees. You are not here to turn man against man. You are here, each of us are here to help one another, to love and to forgive and to learn and to grow together.

If you don’t I promise you will look back on this life one day from the other side and you will turn to God and ask, “What have I done”. Then it will be too late.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to. Yes, that means you!

Feel free to share this if it holds meaning to you!