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Civilized Behavior! What is it? You would think that in our current time and with all of the highly technical and specialized advancements, we would be self-dependent Technological_Dependence_by_TheCreativeIterationbut we are not. We are more independent on one another than any other time in human history. I can only assume that the one thing that actually defines a civilized world is the degree to which its people depend each upon other. My opinion is this, we have only become weaker as individuals to some extent thus the natural need to depend on others.

With this and for this to work we must each learn to practice respect, courtesy and other civilized behaviors towards one another. There are very few of us left that survive in this would naturally.

For us to be interdependent we each serve our own interests best when we take into and focus on the interest of others of the collective human race. This seems to be the very essence of civilized behavior and the foundation for a powerful and effective society. If you dig a bit deeper, it is also the foundation for our own personal success and achievement within this society of ours.

As fast as our world changes (more advancement in the last 500 years than in the last 10000 prior), we become more and more complex and so very distant from one another. Our interactions have become even are technical and standardized in nature. It is naturally evolving with a life of its own. Instead of taking to a server face to face to order our meals, we talk to a faceless microphone embedded in a drive thru menu. Instead of interacting with a Human bank teller, we walk up to the ATM and make our transactions.

At work we spend many meetings online via video or on the phone and now we have the ability to telecommute (which I like best, I get more done that way). Now we also by most of what we need for the home, online. When we do go to one of those big box stores we have a chance to interact with a human being face to face where the sales people know little more about the products other than what they read on the box, which I do first myself.

While this, all of this an lots more, has surely led us to an improved quality of life on some levels, it has also seemed to have almost destroyed the quality of our personal interactions. The challenge that we all face with the challenge to live successfully in this better world is to embrace the benefits of using the “SYSTEMS”, while at the same time keeping in mind and in heart that all of your actions have consequence’s and these consequences affect real people just like you and I.

You may get angry when you notice a mistake in your bank statement and when you call to complain you already know that you have to go through 5 or 6 levels of policeman menus and then you finally get to talk to a live person. When you finally get to them most of our response is to immediately start bitching and chewing the person, you have never met out.

You should know though that the person you’re talking to had nothing to do with your issue occurring, if you approach the person with a mouth and heart of gratitude in that they can help you and you show that you appreciate them I can promise that most of the time the problem will get solved and rather quickly.

The very best way to get what you want out of life is to help as many people as possible to get what they want. In pursuit of such, being rude and obnoxious will not get you very far. Respect, politeness, kindness and courtesy will.

Our children must learn this, as we must relearn this. This kind of respect applies to every single aspect of your life. Think of this tonight as you lay your head to rest.

Goodnight and may God bless each of you and all of those to who you are connected to or will ever be!