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Any mistake made by accident and not by choice is a good mistake.

As many of us know, from time to time, we all make mistakes; we all make the mistakeswrong choices and we do the wrong things all the while knowing they are wrong, yet we still do them.

I guess that the best way to avoid making any mistake is to not do anything at all but then that ends up being the biggest mistake of all.

Each moment of every day of every year of our lives, we have a decision to make of some kind. Life is defined by them. We each know right from wrong and it is our choice to do either. So do what is right. It takes far less time, stress to something right than it does to explain why you did wrong.

When we do make the mistake be done with it, learn from it and move on and accept the fact that you may have hurt someone but really you have hurt yourself most of all. Time will heal all things as long as you learn from it all.

Begin to live in amazement at the possibilities that are around you that you have kept your eyes closed to instead of just dreaming about them. Grab them and go for life. Grab each opportunity that comes your way and expect nothing from life except what YOU put into it. No one owes you anything except yourself. The more right you do, the more you do for yourself and others along the path of life will ensure that any mistake you have made will be forgotten in the bright light of your achievements.

Do not seek to make the mistakes, don’t appear foolish, don’t hurt innocent people and accept that you are the one that is responsible for any uncomfortable situation because of your actions and move on.

Stop trying to be someone you are not and be what is in your heart. Quit keeping up appearances and focus on making your life YOURS and YOURS alone!

Do your best each day to get it right and do not be stopped by the fear of getting it wrong. Move forward and when you make a mistake let it go and do all you can to never repeat it again. Any mistake made by accident and not by choice is a good mistake.

May God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to.